Club coach

hall st. Dzerzhinsky 113A


- Ballroom dancing (children 5-7 years old), (beginners Adults 18 and older)

• Is a certified specialist in the field of choreography (BGUKI);
• 12 years of professional activity of a ballroom dancer;
• Twice winner of the ballroom dancing championships of Belarus;
• Winner of many republican and foreign tournaments;
• For 2 years she has been cooperating with China as a teacher-choreographer;
• An educator with over 6 years of experience.

- Jazz-funk (from 10 years old),
- High Heels (from 15 years old)

• More than 6 years of professional dancer activity in modern trends;
• Finalist and winner of the ChelZ Extreme Games, twice winner of the Bizon Dance Awards as part of the team of Denis Senkevich;
• Teaching experience over 4 years;
• For 2 years she has been cooperating with China as a dancer and teacher-choreographer;
• Continuous improvement and training in dance camps (I'm In, Poland; Top Dance Weekend) and master classes by top choreographers (Tony Tzar, Luther London Dyer, Yanis Marshall, Maniek Kotarski, Sandy, Leroy Curwood, Homebrosuk, etc. ).

Daria's dancing life

you can look here:              www.instagram.com/dariaprima